Have you ever been out of money at the end of month?

Do you want to manage your money in professional way?

Do you get stress out about your financial future?

And do you get such questions but no one to give a perfect answer. I was at the same level and I wanted to find answers to all the questions related to money. So I started learning about managing money and about personal finance. In order to make my life better, I started gaining knowledge everyday and started implementing that knowledge….

Now, I would like to share whatever I learn with all of you. So you can make changes in your life.

I am Siddhesh Chaudhary, an engineer with a MBA degree who like to read. I am passionate about personal finance and money management. I started blogging to share what I learned during my journey of financial independence. SO that we can achieve goal of ‘Financial Independence’ together. I am ambitious about the Goal and generous to share it with everyone.

If you have Any suggestion or queries, please share it, I will definitely work on it.

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